The DENOX Catalysts is a system for treatment smokes that uses the principle of the catalytic selective reduction (SCR – Selective Catalyst Reduction), a chemical principle for reduction of NOx present in the gas.

These systems are present in industrial combustion and they use a reducing chemical agent, liquid or gaseous, that is added to the gas in presence of Catalysts.

The reducing agent reacts with NOx inside the gas creating H2O and N2

For these equipments, our company executes many activity of maintenance as:

  • cleaning and checking activity
  • replacement activity
  • revamping activity

The cleaning activity is executed to dry and the picked dust is evacuated through the systems present in the site or is picked up into big bag sacks by our people.

Finished the cleaning activities, we execute the checking operations finalized to verify the state of usury or damaged of each components and of equipments.

Besides, our company executes also revamping activity that consists inside or external restructuring of the whole catalyst or part of it.

Subsequently to the conclusion of works, MA.ECO. predisposes a photographic report of our activities, of the operations for next maintenance and of improvement for equipments.

Our people, that works in these activities, are constantly trained about the risks and security devices.