Electrostatic Filter

The Electrostatic Filter or Electrofilter or Electrostatic Precipitator or ESP is a system of treatment that allows the separation of the entry gas from the polluting particles, both solid that liquid.

The system, through a difference of potential induced between the electrodes and the plates, realizes the separation of the polluting particles from the gas getting a gas in exit deprived of contaminants.

In such way, it creates, near of electrodes, a strong electric field that produces the ionization of gas around the electrode of issue. This effects takes a name of “effect crown”.

The produced ions enter collision with the particles of contaminant in suspension to which surrender an electric position and, subsequently, the dusts are attracted toward the plates where they are held back.


For these equipments, our company make a many activities of maintenance as:

  • cleaning and checking activity

  • replacement activity

  • revamping activity